4 responses to “

  • shruthi

    nice blog ani!
    just dont put ne mokkais on it [:P]

  • venkiraja

    Nice one manBut I did expected the WC thingy from you LOL

  • Aditya

    Hahahahaha! You suck! No wonder you prefer sticking to the toilet in your room and never use mine! Hahahahaha! I had no idea that you would actually put that up in your “about me” section. You are freaking nuts! Don’t you go around saying such stuff when you are around me. Just in case you didn’t know, I prefer not getting myself embarrassed in public, unlike you. At times, I wonder how we brothers turned out to be so freaking different. Well, I am NOT talking about our toilet preferences here(LMFAO!), but about things in general. Either way, you still suck! LOL!

    Anyway, quite a decent blog you have here. I think you should write more often. Will do you loads of good in the time to come. Trust me on that.

  • sameer

    Interesting blog. Perhaps publish in the form of a book?

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