Ode to Bessi

This is my 1st and best attempt at poetry.I still haven’t got tired of reading it and I don’t think I will be anytime soon.For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bessi, its a beach in Besant nagar, chennai, officially Elliot’s beach, fondly called “Bessi” by the locals.And yes, I wrote it during one of my homesick spells and have posted it in quite a few communities on Orkut and forced all my friends to read it whether they liked it or not [:D].Anyway, before I start rambling,(oops! I think I already have :D) here it is…


All Elliot’s a stage…
The Vettis and Bandhas mere players
They all have hangouts which they call their own
In the beach consisting seven stretches

First comes the legendary broken bridge,
Unknown to the naive and innocent.
Only those brave at heart or crude as cavemen
Enter this realm of illicit ecstasy

Forward to the forbidden strips
If you stray here, go with finger on lips
Not a place for a man with a car
Oorur and Olcott, forever at war

After this comes no man’s land,
Walk not here with slippers in hand.
Strewn with dirt and glass and spike,
Territory of cows and rabid alike.

Now to the area favoured by all;
Gym, cafes, and our own short wall.
This is the place where figures be
Dressed in their Sunday best for the jobless to see.

Close is the stretch with cleaner sand
Where the young play, old walk hand in hand
Shoreward here couples show off their youth,
Not caring at all that it seems uncouth.

Moving on you shall see a half buried road
Serves its purpose as a cricketer’s abode
Right in the midst is the monument of piss
The place where you get a fifty rupee kiss.

Last is the place where food’s aplenty
Lots of MNCs and our own kaiyanthi
All working hard to keep you full
This place has its very own pull

Thus ends this eventful besantful history
All play and no work, naturally no dull boys
Holding memories of friends, adventure and mid afternoon swims
Life has moved us on, sans bessi, sans Cozee, sans everything

Anirudh Ramachandran


6 responses to “Ode to Bessi

  • shruti

    woow.. when did u actually start writing poems man??? cool.. n ya nice one 🙂

  • Sushma

    Awesome I say!!!!! Congrats!

    P.S. I’ve read this also before 😛 😛

  • Hari

    wow! good job! 😀

  • shruthi

    this poem is awesome!
    bessi’s proud of ya

  • venkiraja

    I jus came to know bout a handful of things about my city’s beach!Whoa!

  • Aditya

    ^^^ a “handful?” I thought he mentioned only a kiss! But yeah, 50 rupees is a bit of an exaggeration even for the “handful,” from what I have heard, leave alone the kiss. LMFAO! But yeah, a very impressive and amusing poem indeed. I seriously did not expect any such thing from the dick-head, actually. I knew that he had a flair for the language, but I had no idea that he could actually put it to some use. But then again, seeing that he stopped writing such stuff and started learning other languages instead, like a bloody cretin, I was reassured that this guy would never change. And now he wants to build race cars when I doubt if he can tie his shoelaces! LOL! Well, he might not be THAT bad, but he does not have the deft fingers of a surgeon either. He is a clumsy sloth most of the time. Wish he got back to writing some stuff which actually resulted in accolades(I know that that is a bit too much) being showered at him.

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